Kendall Jenner Dons Underwear For Hot Selfie

July 7, 2015 | By More

A Kendall Jenner underwear picture has the Internet going wild. Over the weekend, the reality star and model took to Instagram where she unveiled a sexy picture of herself in black panties and a sheer top standing in front of a mirror.

Kendall Jenner Underwear

A Kendall Jenner underwear photo has gone viral, will it break her old record of 2.8 million hits? The author of Rebels: City of Indra: The Story of Lex and Livia broke the Internet last month with a simple yet mesmerizing image, which was inspired by John Everett Millais’ Ophelia.

In the snapshot, which now has the title of the most-liked-ever picture in the history of Instagram, Miss Jenner is seen lying on a carpet with her hair spread out and shaped like little hearts.

… has received a flooring 2.8m hits. That’s roughly 51 likes every minute, one for every heartbeat. It’s also interesting because the previous record holder was her sister Kim, whose wedding shot with Kanye is currently on 2.4m hits. While neither is unlikely to find its way into the National Portrait Gallery, it could serve as a valuable lesson in how to get liked on Instagram, the only place where being liked really matters.

It appears that Jenner is hoping to break her own record with a new photo where she is wearing only underwear and is using her hand to hide her nipples. “Coffee?,” the 19-year-old captioned the photo as if anyone was looking at the beverage.

With 1.3 million likes in just three days, Jenner seems to be ready to beat her record. Moreover, the model appears to have found love with 30-year-old British Formula One racing driver, Lewis Hamilton. Jenner and Nicole Scherzinger‘s ex-boyfriend were spotted on a double date with Gigi Hadid and Joe Jonas. The foursome went to a Drake afterparty in London.

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